Tron SART20 GMDSS  9GHz Search & Rescue Radar Transponder

Tron SART 20 GMDSS 9GHz 


AIS SARTTron SART GMDSS - 9 GHz Radar Transponder - Brochure Download...



Tron SART 20

Tron SART 20 - Radar Transponder - Brochure Downoad...

Designed for use in search and rescue operations and gives the exact location, of the lifeboat and individuals in distress, on the radar X-band display5 Year Warranty

  • New Non-haz Battery

  • Unique Accessory Range

  • Incorporated Into Jotron Recycle Programme

  • Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.

  • MED and FCC approved.

  • Also with IMO MSC.247(83) and MSC.256(84)

  • Compatibility of Life-saving appliances

Clarification to the requirements of the LSA Code regarding transponders
Download document...

Article numbers:
83010  Tron SART20 Main unit
82746  Wall bracket (pic below)
84145  User manual
84065  Lifeboat bracket (pic below)
82900  Pole bracket (pic below)

Spare parts:
82615     Battery, Tron SART20, 5 years maintenance kit
Battery unit
82790 O-ring
82957 Label, battery
82989 Label, battery seal
82746 Bulkhead bracket

Tron Sart Accessories

Following brackets are available for Tron AIS-SART and Tron SART20
82746 Wall bracket is included with main unit
84065 Lifeboat bracket
82900 Pole Bracket

Jotron AIS SART Brackets


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