LRAD deterrent and defence against piracy attack


LRAD's (Long Range Audio Devices) have proven to be an effective deterrent and defence against pirate attack. They allow the ship to warn, from a long distance ( up to 3 kilometres) and through the use of a loud hailer, any unidentified, suspect craft can be challenged as part of an escalation of force.


LRAD Ship DefenceCommercial Shipping

LRAD can create a safety zone when a potential threat is detected. Approaching vessels can be warned by loud hailer up to a distance of 3 kilometres. It allows the user to determine the intention of any unidentified vessel and increase the the level of force to deter an intruder with an effective waring tone.


Systems best suited to commercial shipping include - click to view details:
LRAD-2000X | LRAD-RX | LRAD-1000X/LRAD-1000Xi | LRAD-500X/LRAD-500X-RE | LRAD-300Xi/LRAD-300X | LRAD 100X



LRAD- Yacht protection

Personal Security at Sea

Piracy threats demand a high level of protection and the LRAD ( Long Range Acoustic Device®) does just that. This military tested equipment has been used successfully against piracy attacks since 2005 when pirates were repelled off the Somalia coast by the Seabourn Spirit.


Systems best suited private vessels include - click to view details:
LRAD-1000X/LRAD-1000Xi | LRAD 500X/LRAD-500X-RE | LRAD-300Xi/LRAD-300X | LRAD-100X



LRAD - Asset DefenceInfrastructure and High-value Asset Protection

The integration of LRAD-RX into a sensor network, locating an detracting potential threats, allows the user to view and respond from the safely from the remote location of a control and command centre.


Systems include: - click to view details:
LRAD-2000X | LRAD-RX | LRAD 1000X/LRAD-1000Xi



LRAD 360XNew: The LRAD 360X™ is the latest addition to the LRAD Corporation's product range. In a 360° pattern across distances of up to 2 miles it broadcasts emergency warning siren sounds, multi-language messages and a near infinite variety of wildlife tones and predator calls. The LRAD 360X is modular system, which enables the customisation of its sound broadcast area footprint, with the purpose of providing a wide area notification systems and for wildlife protection.





LRAD-2000XLRAD-2000X delivers a directional audio broadcast, which communicates a high quality, clear voice from a safe stand-off distance. It gives the operator the facility to issue clear warnings, authoritative commands which, if not obeyed, can be followed by powerful deterrent sounds. The LRAD 2000X delivers its message over a distance of up to 8,900 metres (8.85 Kilometres) using an extended frequency range so as to ensure commands are clear and understood. Read more...





LRAD-RXLRAD-RX (Remote Long Range Acoustic Device) operates via an IP enabled system, enabling remote surveillance staff to respond to potential threats from a safe, remote environment. It enables the set-up of an unmanned perimeter security system, with an intelligible voice transmission capacity over a distance of 3000 metres and a maximum range of 1250 metres over an 88db background noise level. Read more...





LRAD 1000LRAD-1000X and LRAD-1000Xi are capable of broadcasting a clear challenge over a long distance, with highly intelligible voice transmissions ovre a 300 metre distance - maximum range of 1250 metres 0ver 88 db background noise. This can be followed by warning tones of 153 db (1 metre) to determine and influence behaviour. Read more...






LRAD 300LRAD-300X & LRAD-300Xi are lightweight compact solutions designed for mounting on small vessels and vehicles. They provide security personnel with lang range hailing and warning capabilites, with speech transmission of iver 1000 metres, with a maximum range of 350 metres over an 88db background noise. Read more...






LRAD 100LRAD-100X is a portable, handheld and self-contained unit, which outperforms virtually al other permanent PA systems and megaphones. It overcomes the background noise of traffic, ships, sirens and crowds so as to deliver a clear message, which can be transmitted heard and understood over 300 metres away. Its maximum range, with over 88 dB of background noise, is 250 metres. Read more...





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Long Range Acoustic Device® is the registered trademark of the LRAD Corporation of San Diego, California, USA.

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