LRAD-2000X™ Communicates even further


The LRAD-2000X provides a clear, intelligible voice communication, hailing and warning, over a long distance.


Its superior clarity delivers a directional audio broadcast, which can communicate beyond a safe standoff distance. It gives the operator the means to deliver an authoritative warning command, followed by a powerful deterrent sounds. The LRAD 2000X has an extended frequency range to ensure warnings are easily and clearly understood from a distance of up to 8,900 metres - 5.5 miles.


Designed and built to Meet U.S. military standards
Constructed for rugged conditions and military tested
Determine threat and intent from an extended distance
Clear, long-range, directional communication
Variable beam width extends coverage


  • Works on low power
  • All-Weather operation
  • Simple straightforward operation
  • Flexible mounting
  • Non-lethal deterrent
  • Safe options
  • Increased coverage by single operator
  • Improved response times
  • Enhanced co-ordination

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LRAD-2000X Specification


Acoustic Performance
Continuous maximum output
162dB SPL at 1 metre
Beam Width
+/-15° @ 1.0 kHz/-3dB
Clear, intelligible speech transmissions over 8,900 meters


Physical Size
Emitter Array: 2x (25" W x 48" H x 10" D)
Electronics Casing 31" W x 21" H x12" D Moulded watertight case
Weight: 160lbs (dual head units 80 lbs x2)


Moulded, low smoke composite, 6061 Aluminum, Stainless steel, 316 Stainless hardware


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Long Range Acoustic Device® is the registered trademark of the LRAD Corporation of San Diego, California, USA.



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