LRAD-RX™ Remote Long Range Acoustic Device

Enables the detection of intruders and to communicate with them over a long distance. It can be operated remotely via an IP network, which gives the operator the facility to respond to potential threats from a safe location and enables the creation of an unmanned security perimeter.

The LRAD-RX has an integrated camera and high intensity searchlight and has a pan and tilt drive so that it can accurately aim and track. It can also integrate with radar so as to provide automated intruder alerts and IP-enabled sensors identify and tracks the intruder's position.

Its directional capability and focused acoustic output transmits vital information clearly, with warnings and instructions over 3,000 metres. Powerful voice commands and deterrent tones can be delivered to create a safety zone while the intruder's intentions are established and behaviour influenced. The creation of such a safety zone gives security personnel information and time to respond appropriately.

Such automation reduces the manpower and limits false alarms, as well as being a cost effective security system.

The LRAD-RX incorporates an emitter head, an optional high intensity searchlight and CCTV camera and has full tilt and pan capability for aiming and tracking.
Its accurate directional audio output means that the operator and any nearby personnel are not expose to excessive levels of audio output and delivers highly intelligible tonal quality over long distances.

  • Long stand-off distances give increased asset protection
  • Wider coverage user less personnel
  • Intention determined of loan intruder or groups over and extended distances
  • Clear forceful communication for ships under threat by small vessels
  • Perimeter protection for oil and gas platforms, mining operations, chemical and power plants
  • Repels targeted birds from crops, buildings and airports.
  • Enforces safety zones for ships in areas of pirate activity

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LRAD-RX Specifications

Outdoor Camera Assembly - Sony FCB-EX980S with Ethernet Interface
LRAD1000X Head Unit Assembly w/ Electronics Module
LRAD1000X PTSS Yoke Assembly
LRAD 1000X PTSS Base Assembly with Electronics
LRAD 1000X PTSS Sub-System
LRAD 1000X Pan Titlt Head Unit Electronics Assembly
LRAD 1000X Pan Tilt Driver Assembly Kit
LRAD 1000X Pan Tilt Screen
LRAD 1000X Tilt Driver Motor and Drive Assembly
LRAD 1000X Pan Drive Motor and Drive Assembly
LRAD 1000X Pant Tilt Unit Electronics Assembly

Acoustic Performance
Continuous maximum output 153 dB SPL at 1 meter
Beam width +/-15° @ 1.0 kHz/-3dB

Communications Range
Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 3000 meters; *Max range of 1250 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

Physical Dimensions
53” W x 20” D x 64” H
Weight 340 lbs

Molded, low smoke composite, 6061 Aluminum, Stainless steel, 316 Stainless hardware
Ordering Information
Colours - Grey

High Powered White Light 7.5 MCPHigh Powered White Light 12.5 MCP
Extended Warranty (Per Year)
Training (Per Day)
Installation (Per Day)

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