Effective Counter Piracy Solutions


Piracy has been a grim reality for some time and an issue that has to be tackled. Lifting the ban on firearms on board may, in many instances, help to deter and repel attempts to board. But things are also needed to detect, deter and defend a ship in such situations.


Every shipping company with ships sailing in potential trouble spots has its own policy and strategy to deal with the threats. In helping customers meet those threats within their specific approach we have created a range of equipment options, which include such things as:

Long Range Audio Device - Loud Hailer  

LRAD (Long Range Audio Devices).

A loud hailer can warn any threatening craft from a distance and deliver a sonic sound blast to disable the priates and thereby detering the attack. Such none lethal equipment is used by Police in riot situations and military to disorientate the enemy. Read more...

Night Vision Surveillance & Binoculars  

Night Vision Binoculars and CCTV Cameras

Advanced warning wil always give you the advantage; forewarned is forearmed. Surveillance, using night vision binoculars and HD night vision and CCTV cameras, will give you the advantage of seeing a suspect craft, enabling your crew to prepare and deter. Read more...

Anti Piracy Communications  

Crisis Communications.

Main satellite communications and radio links can easily be cut by boarding pirates. Dedicated covert satellite systems, however, can provide an important link to other ships and rescue services from virtually anywhere on board. Read more...

Helmets & Body Armour - Crew Protection  

Body Armour and Helmets

Protection is vital element in making safe your crews and the ship. Bullet proof vests and helmets can give vital protection, as can anti shatter film for bridge windows. Read more...

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