Tron SART20 GMDSS  9GHz Search & Rescue Radar Transponder

Tron SART 20 GMDSS 9GHz 

Designed for use in search and rescue operations and gives the exact location, of the lifeboat and individuals in distress, on the radar X-band display5 Year Warranty

  • New Non-haz Battery

  • Unique Accessory Range

  • Incorporated Into Jotron Recycle Programme

  • Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.

  • MED and FCC approved.

  • Also with IMO MSC.247(83) and MSC.256(84)


  • Compatibility of Life-saving appliances

Clarification to the requirements of the LSA Code regarding transponders
Download document...

Article numbers:
83010  Tron SART20 Main unit
82746  Wall bracket (pic below)
84145  User manual
84065  Lifeboat bracket (pic below)
82900  Pole bracket (pic below)

Spare parts:
82615     Battery, Tron SART20, 5 years maintenance kit
Battery unit
82790 O-ring
82957 Label, battery
82989 Label, battery seal
82746 Bulkhead bracket

Tron SART GMDSS - 9 GHz Radar Transponder - Brochure Download...

Tron SART 20 - Radar Transponder - Brochure Downoad...

Tron Sart Accessories

Following brackets are available for Tron AIS-SART and Tron SART20
82746 Wall bracket is included with main unit
84065 Lifeboat bracket
82900 Pole Bracket

Jotron AIS SART Brackets


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