EasyRescue — AIS-SART Transmitter & Locating Device

easyRescue - AIS-GPS Locator Device


20 Ships No matter whether you are working on Ships, Offshore Rigs or Support Vessels, Fishing or Workboats, Man Over Board are three words no one wants to hear at sea. But If it happens you need to keep the victim in sight. It is essential for his survival. EasyRescue gives you a clear view using AIS so that even in difficult conditions, at night and with minimal visibility the victim can be tracked and found.
EasyRescue - Ship Crewman Over Board
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EasyRescue - Offshore Operations
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EasyRescue is a lightweight personal AIS-SART (Search and Rescue) locating device, which clips to clothing or lifejackets and can be mounted on a pole for use on a liferaft.

Its AIS transmission locates and tracks and thereby dramatically increasing the chances for the rescue and survival of an MOB victim.

Sends the alarm and tracks the position

AIS signals, transmitted via VHF frequencies, provides GPS Latitude and Longitude positions along with other data. The MOB's position is updated 8 times a minute for up to 96 hours. So the ship's crew will know exactly where the victim is, along with every other ship with AIS Plotter within range.

When an emergency AIS-SART, MOB message is transmitted, it triggers an alarm on all AIS Chart Plotters within VHF range. All Plotters, or PC's equipped for AIS, will receive a Type 1 AIS Telegram message, giving position and an AIS Type 14 Telegram providing a predefined MOB text.

All ships with AIS within range can help the rescue if needs be. But the ship, armed with accurate GPS data, should be able to rescue its own crewmember much faster without necessarily asking for help from an outside rescue services.

There is a manually activated version and one which is automatically triggered when immersed in freshwater or seawater for more than 2 seconds. Both deliver speed and accuracy, sending an emergency AIS telegram and the tracking data to put a rescue into action immediately.


  • AIS Class B S.A.R.Transmitter
  • 96 h transmission time after activation
  • Simple self test for function check
  • Long battery standby life time = long service intervals
  • Very compact size for emergency beacon
  • Personalised "emergency telegram" (MMSI of ship may also be transmitted)
  • Made in Germany by market leader
  • Transmission range up to 3 nm (Dependent on wave and antenna height)

Technical data

  • BSH approval
  • Transmission power 2 W
  • Integrated, fastest at the market available GPS receiver
  • Waterproof, IP 68
  • Ambient working conditions: -20°C to 65°C
  • Length 128 mm, width of 76 mm, height 32 mm
  • Weight: app. 350 g
  • Battery lifespan 4 years (if not used except for self tests).
  • Service interval – after use or after 4 years, whichever comes first
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