Over 2500 Ships Served Worldwide

More than 2500 vessels, operating worldwide, rely on our Blue Chip maintenance support service to repair, replace and maintain their electronic navigation and commssystems. Without such vital equipment these ships could be going nowhere fast.


Blue Chip - Bridge Electronics reair and Maintenance

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At the heart of every ship is an array of essential electronics. Bridge equipment such as radars, gyros, satcoms and GMDSS are all vital for maintaining operational capability. Any fault or failure with these vital systems could mean a ship facing increased hazards, delays, possible detention and mounting costs through periods spent off-hire.

Telemar's Blue Chip contract maintenance and repair services limits the risk of such events. As a specialist in the repair and maintenance of marine electronics, Telemar offers a global capability. A service, which helps ship operators to keep their businesses on the move.

Blue Chip works worldwide

This is a single point of contact. Once we are advised of a fault we take over the responsibility. We manage the process from establishing what the fault is and arranging for a specialist to go onboard at the next port of call, right through to settling the bills.

We manage the process so things are quickly and as efficiently as possible, keeping you informed throughout.

Blue chip offers a variety of options, with four different levels of service to suit the particular needs. They include, full maintenance contracts to cover service, spares and surveys on a fixed annual fee through to surveys only and repairs when needed and charged accordingly.

Keeping bridge equipment operational is our core business. An operation which allows you and your staff to focus on your business. Specialist expertise frees up your staff to concentrate on revenue generating activities.

Blue Chip also gives you more information about the equipment you use. Statistical information on performance, collected over time, allows Blue Chip customers to make more informed decisions when it comes to updating or renewing equipment.

You will know what your bridge electronics are costing; by ship, by individual items of kit and by average cost per repair. You will know what costs and failure trends are, so we can plan and prevent, reducing costs and problems.

Global Partnership

Blue Chip operates in partnership with its suppliers and agents worldwide. And as part of the Telemar group of companies we are able to provide a truly global service to limit risk and minimise costs.


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