Kelvin Hughes ECDIS
Designed to make navigation easier

MantaDigital™ ECDIS is the latest in the Kelvin Hughes' development programme; a system, which provides clear, intuitive information displayed enabling the operator to make his navigational decisions quickly and efficiently. MantaDigital™ provides a navigational tool, which is designed to increase safety and minimise risk.

At its heart is Kelvin Hughes' common-core processor, driving a multifunction system, providing a platform for radar, chart radar, ECDIS and conning display functions.

Operational simplicity
Intuitive user interfaces are designed to make the system easier to use, giving the operator simple access to the navigational tools for efficient and safe passage.

Available options
Various options are available to meet the needs of virtually all types of vessel and operational needs. These range from a single 22" retrofit desktop to a completely integrated navigational system.

Screen options are available in 22" and 26" HD Displays and can be either pedestal or desktop and console mounted.

Leading edge technology
MantaDigital™ provides a wide range of advantages through the use of leading edge technology. It is simple to operate and its successful three button tracker-ball interface concept, used with Kelvin Hughes' products for over 10 years, gives the user information ranging from immediate situation awareness to sophisticated alarm management at a click.

ECDISPLUS – Turnkey solutions
This unique package from Kelvin Hughes provides the complete solution. A single source for everything you need to meet your fleet requirements.

The package includes:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning
  • Hardware and software
  • Initial electronic and paper charts
  • License management
  • ChartCo updates
  • IMO Approved Training packages
  • Global Support

And all tailored to suit individual ships and fleet requirements, from one piece of ECDIS hardware to a full turnkey solution package.

Global installation and support services

  • ECDIS PLUS' complete package solution guarantees problems are rectified, should they occur.
  • Our global service capability ensures prompt action to manage equipment and data to keep vessels safe and legal.
  • Telemar provides global installation and support services worldwide in partnership with Kelvin Hughes and Telemar's global group of offices, its agents and service networks to ensure full compliance.

IMO Requirements

  • IMO Amendment to SOLAS, made in 2009 requires cargo ships, tankers and large passenger ship to implement, on a rolling timetable beginning July 2012, the fitting of ECDIS equipment.
  • Ships are also required to train navigation crew
  • SOLAS requires all equipment to be Type Approved and must have either an ECDIS duplicate back-up or relevant paper charts.
  • Many flag states permit the use of dual ECDIS systems without recourse to paper charts. All ECDIS systems require appropriate back-up. This may be met with a standard or reduced chart folio.
  • IMO requirements demand that all paper charts are current and up to date. Flag State rules determine what is adequate back-up.
  • Solas requires all navigational charts to be updated weekly. To meet these requirements ECDIS PLUS provides a ChartCo package to update appropriate electronic charts direct to ships whilst at sea via satellite, Internet or email.
  • ECDIS Backup is essential and clearly defined by the IMO (MSC resolution 232 (82) ) Two independent ECDIS systems do not meet this requirement unless route planning was carried out on both systems. Requirements stipulate that, in the case of a malfunction, the back-up system should takeover the route plan, which was created on the main ECDIS device. Interconnection means that the data is passed from one machine to the other on a continuous basis so that the information is reasonably up to date and allows navigation safely continue.
  • Kelvin Hughes provides one of the most cost effective single source supply solutions from various ENC data companies, including AVCS from UKHO and ENC's from Primar and Jeppsen
  • Kelvin Hughes has a extensive experience of managing changing ENC coverage, providing service to its Outfit Management customers. We monitor ships online to provide the best-fit chart supply.

Crew training

  • Training course of 5 days are available at three locations: Singapore, Eqypt and UK (South)
  • Training requirements are that Navigational Officers undergo courses based on IMO's 1.27 model, which teaches the ECDIS concepts, using ENC and highlights problems, which may occur. Most courses provide familiarisation with particular ECDIS equipment before using it at sea.
Kelvin Hughes ECDIS

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