Navmaster ECDIS - Type Approved Electronic Chart System


Navmaster ECDIS is a second-generation Electronic Chart Display and Information System, Type Approved by DNV to the latest IHO colour and symbol specifications.

It is a powerful and flexible navigation system suited for installation on newbuilds and simple to retrofit into existing bridge layouts

Key benefits


  • Automatic position plotting and monitoring
  • Excellent route planning and detailed passage plan documentation
  • Developed with input from a wide cross-section of navigators over almost 10 years to improve ease of use and operational effectiveness
  • Type Approved to the new IHO Colour and Symbol specifications (existing ECDIS systems must be updated by 1 Jan 2006)
  • Suited to all types of vessel wishing to benefit from well-designed ECDIS technology
  • Remote Diagnostics feature for rapid and low-cost support
  • Modular hardware configuration for flexible installation, easier maintenance and to allow customers a degree of choice

ECDIS - Hardware

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Navmaster ECDIS 800 - PDF Brochure Download

PDF Brochure download

Electronic charts compatible with Navmaster ECDIS: ENCs, ARCS, CM-ENCs, Seafarer, C-Map CM93/3  



ECDIS Route Planning

Real-time route monitoring - Vessel underway with heading marker set to show predicted position at user-defined intervals. 

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ECDIS Route PlanningBerth-to-berth route planning - Route planned from Zeebrugge with relevant data in tabular form listing waypoints by number and name. An alternate route is also visible on the chart. 


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ECDIS Passage PlanningNavmaster ECDIS passage plan report incorporates pilotage andnavigation instructions and can be printed for hard-copy storage or exported to another application. 


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Baybridge VideoARPA & (U)AIS information and overlays.

Night view of own ship crossing southbound Channel traffic separation scheme, with other
vessels in the vicinity.

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ECDIS - AISInterface with (U)AIS 

Own ship steaming down the Thames with incoming vessel visible and other AIS targets listed in the side panel.






ECDIS - VDR PlaybackThe VDR playback dialog as shown on the AIS image above, illustrating how voyages can be replayed from captured data with Navmaster’s VDR function.

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