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Iridium Sailor SC4000 Sat Comm BrochureSailor® SC4000 Telephone System
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Vessels operating across the oceans need to keep in touch with their owners and operators, as well as other ships, family and friends.

Thrane & Thrane's Sailor SC4000 provides a cost effective solution for types of ships and their crews. It is the ideal satcomm solution. Via Iridium's truly global satellite network it provides a vital link for merchant ships, coasters, yachts and fishing vessels as well as coast guards and naval ships worldwide.

Some of the most advantageous airtime rates available via Iridium make this the best choice for vessels operating along international coasts and using GSM roaming fees, even as far North as the Arctic seas.

Iridium - The Truly Global Satellite Network
This reliable system is a truly global satcomm network delivering communications around the world via 66 cross-linked, low orbiting satellites. These make up, pole-to-pole, a network which is always available, in sight and ready to handle calls almost anywhere in the world.

Convenience and reliability are a reassurance as well as being an important safety factor, with trouble-free ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship comms at very attractive airtime rates.

Built to Last
The SC4000 is designed for harsh environments. Its Sailor reliability and sturdy construction mean it is built to withstand the rigours and tough conditions found at sea and is approved according to international maritime standards.

Crew Calling
This is also a good option for crew calling and can provide an easy to access communications solutions to loved ones, friends and family, helping to keep morale high throughout the voyage. It supports a range of Crew Calling options, with calling plans and pre-paid scratch cards and can be the on-board telephone box, giving the crew direct control of their own costs.
You do not have to worry about any individual billing or admin costs.

Data Capability
Standard data compatibility of 2.4 kbps can be turned up to 10 kbps through access to Iridium's data compression service. In addition to standard email the SC4000 has Internet access and supports PC based Iridium SMS service for short text messaging to other Iridium phones.

  • One global airtime rate - competitive airtime rates available

  • Crew calling and Global voice

  • Billing to individual user avaialable

  • Provides a telephone box on board

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