Sailor® 150 FleetBroadband - Internet access from every boat

Thrane & Thrane's Sailor-150 Fleetbroadband is now available and, to date, remains the smallest and lightest FleetBroadband Antenna available, making it simple to install and ideal for smaller, professional vessels and larger private yachts. It is the easiest way to access Internet and make calls using true IP broadband services.

Virtually any vessel can now benefit from broadband facilities, high speed Internet links and voice communications.

The design of the Sailor 150 is based on the qualities of Thrane & Thrane's market leader, the SAILOR 500 and 250 FleetBroadband, which was developed for large, commercial shipping.

Though smaller and more compact, the Sailor-150 offers the same reliability and ease of use provided by the high-end systems. It gives you several major benefits, unavailable until now, which include: voice and data simultaneously; connection to the Internet/Intranet and email; rugged VoIP handset; digital satellite phone service, which provides exceptional call quality.

The possibilities are endless with SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband.

Important functionalities:

  • Browse the Internet
  • Send and receive e-mails
  • Secure access to remote networks
  • Large file transmission
  • Simultaneoous voice and data
  • Compact satellite comms hardware

The potential is endless, the only thing to limit the application of Sailor-150 is imagination.











Sailor 150 FleetBroadband Satcom

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