Binocular Night Vision - BHM Series

Lens Options Available:

The Flir BHM-Series of binocular thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide a clear, crisp image even in the darkest nighttime conditions. They were developed for maritime use and on all types of vessels, from yachts, tugs, towboats and workboats to container vessels, ferries and cruise liners. They have been adopted and successfully used by police and law enforcement vessels as well all types of commercial and security surveillance, as well as for navigational purposes.

BHM-Series of binocular night vision cameras are easier and less tiring to use than monocular equipment and provide the enhanced ability see and detect small, faint objects. They are also easier hold steady and maintain position when watching an object, particularly when that object is small and difficult to distinguish from a distance.

BHM-X: Provides an excellent sharp 320x240 (Native Resolution) viewfinder image achieved by the use an uncooled vanadium oxide detector and a x2 digital e-zoom step to 160x120 resolution.

BHM-XR: Gives a clear, crisp 320x240 (Native Resolution) viewfinder image and has greater performance range as well as when it is in x2 digital e-zoom step to 160 × 120 resolution mode. Full 640x480 resolution images is also accessible via the auxiliary video socket in the hot-shoe.

Lenses: Different longer lense options are available for the BHM-Series, their narrower field of view, give a clearer image of objects at longer distance. Specific lense requirements need to be specified at the time of order.

Available Versions

See without being visible Yes Yes
Visibility in total darkness, through smog, smoke and light precipitation Yes Yes
Image & Video Storage Yes Yes
Image Quality 320x240px 640x480px
Digital Zoom x2 x2 & x4


Flir BHM Series - Handheld Thermal Cameras

Available Lens Options

  320x240 pixels 640x480 pixels
Lens Options 35mm 65mm 100mm 35mm 65mm 100mm
FOV 13ºx10º 7ºx5º 18ºx8º 18ºx13º 10ºx8º 6ºx4º
Detected man-sized target at: 780m 1.45km 2.1km 960m 1.9km 2.45km

BHM-X is supplied with a x2 digital zoom as standard, whereas the BHM-XR has both x2 and x4 zoom, allowing a closer view when required.

BHM Series Binoculars are compact,shock resistant and very light, weighing only 1000 grams. Batteries are included and they operate in temperatues of between -20ºC and +60ºC.

They are easy to use, ergonomically designed and operated by the use of 5 buttons sited at the top of the unit

Both version have removable SD cards, which permit the recording of thermal images at the press of a button. Images are recorded in JPEG format and can be used as evidence.

The BHM-Series provides 4 hours of continual use from 4 rechargeable NiMH batteries. Standard no-rechargeable, off-the-shelf Alkaline or Lithium lon AA batteries can also be used.

A hot shoe is fitted as standard on all BHM binoculars, making it easy to attach to a camera. This allows the camera to charge and connect a tripod mounted camera to an external video monitor.

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