Intellian v80G VSAT - Reliable, always-on broadband

This fully integrated VSAT system has a small 830mm Ku-band stabilized maritime antenna. It acquires and locks onto the satellite without the need for the ship's gyro-compass and thereby maintains an always-on connection and delivering reliable broadband services.

Though the Intellian v80G has the smallest VSAT antenna it does not use spread spectrum satellite network transmission, but is a compact unit designed to operate in a TDMA or SCPC transmission format. Its higher gain operation means the antenna is able to provide superior performance on the fringes of the satellite's signal footprint

Superior satellite tracking is achieved by the application of a triple-axis stabilisation platform, which is almost equal to the 1metre grade VSAT antenna system.

The v80G's design also means that it can be configured for broadband, SPCP and hybrid satellite networks and is well suited for high-speed broadband; weather; ECDIS chart updates; video conferencing; images transfers; VoIP calls, VPN's and database back-up.

It is built to meet and exceed military and commercial industry standards, shock vibration and EMC, ensuring maximum reliability in almost any appropriate marine applications.

Wi-fi connectivity is supported by this new Antenna Control Unit (ACU) to provide an easy remote computer connection. The ACU supports Wi-Fi connectivity for a simple remote PC connection. Should the Antenna Control Unit be installed at a distance it has a built-in Bluetooth connection module inside the antenna dome and is able to connect to a PC immediately alongside the antenna.


  • 830mm Ø (32.7") Ku-band VSAT antenna
  • Satellite search capability operates independent of ship's gyro compass
  • Triple-axis stabilised antenna platform to provide unlimited azimuth capability
  • Wide elevation angle (-10°~110°)
  • Connects from extremely low or high latitude regions
  • Combined TX Signal cable solution and BUC Power
  • The antenna can be accessed, monitored and controlled from any location worldwide – provides ideal remote management
  • Bluetooth connection to the ACU via Wi-Fi and antenna gives complete monitoring and control from almost anywhere on board
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Fast satellite acquisition using built-in GPS
  • Built-in ISMC transceivers make data communication between antenna and control unit faster
  • Built in test capability, works from antenna control unit or from a user-friendly PC based monitor and control program
  • Intellian's in-house engineering designs and manufactures major RF Components to ensure superior antenna performance of gain and xpol isolation.
  • Major RF components are designed and manufactured by Intellian's in-house engineering to achieve superior antenna performance on gain and xpol isolation
  • Meets or exceeds commercial maritime industry and military environment test standards to provide highest possible reliability in marine conditions
  • Meets FCC regulations
  • Installation and maintenance is simplified by minimising weight balance blocks and cablings
  • Auto Beam Switching is supported via OpenAMIP protocol of iDirect and ROSS Open Antenna Management ( ROAM) protocol of Comtech.
  • Complemented by Intellian's i9 satellite TV antenna system, enabling full range of satellite entertainment and communications on a matching dual-dome array

Intellian VSAT Solutions

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