AMI applies the KISS principle to BNWAS

The new BNWAS-150 design Keeps It Simple and Straighforward, including the price.

BNWAS150 - AMI Equipment

Keeping It Simple and Straightforward means AMI's new BNWAS-150 provides an easy solution for fleet operators.

With compliance and convenience in mind, they have designed a system which makes installation possible by almost any crewmember. A comprehensive installation manual and a layout, which uses fewer runs of 2 core cable throughout, are aimed at providing trouble free installation.

An integral Back-up Duty Officer Selection function is a standard feature, allowing any combination of up to 5 locations, which can be set to receive a second stage alert.

Alarms and rest buttons can be mounted inside and out, with adjustable audio levels and tones for sounders, which can be used in the ship's office, bridge wings or passageways.

Motion sensors can be supplied, as an option, for monitoring the presence of the officer on watch, effortlessly and conveniently resetting the BNWAS countdown.

Day-to-day use is also made easy and all done without compromising quality, functions or durability - just simple, straightforward and intelligent design.

The BN150 is designed and built in the UK and has full type approval to IEC 62616 (incorporating MSC128 (75). It has a 2 year warranty as standard and is supported worldwide by Baybridge in partnership with AMI.



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