Counter piracy - Night vision and CCTV surveillance systems


Advanced warning will always give you the advantage; forewarned is forearmed. Surveillance, using night vision binoculars and HD night vision and CCTV cameras, will give you the advantage of seeing a suspect craft, enabling your crew to prepare and deter.

CCTV hep to give the crew advanced warning of a potential and actual boarding by pirates. Should it be necessary to retreat to a safe room they wil be able to monitor the situation and know whether the Master is safe. CCTV provides importnat information and the crew wil know how many pirates have boarded, what weapons they are carrying and what they are doing in key areas of the ship.

Such intelligence gathering is helpful in reporting the situation to the authorities. Both the Owners and Authorities are able to connect to the CCTV via Fleet Broadband which not only helps in the case of their intervention but also in evidence gathering for prosecution.

Night vision and CCTV camera surveillance can play a vital role in protecting the ship and its personnel.

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