Jotron EPIRB Accessories


Tron 40S/40GPS MkII
Available brackets include:
85216 FB-6 Float-free Bracket
automatic release
w/protective cover
Includes: 80414 Hydrostatic release mechanism
80180 FB-5 Float-free Bracket, automatic release, w/protective cover. Includes hydrostatic release mechanism.
80414 Hydrostatic release mechanism for FB-5.
80990 MB-5 Manual Bracket, manual release, w/protective cover.
95471 FB-4 Float-free Bracket, automatic release.
Includes hydrostatic release mechanism.
97837 MB-4 Manual Bracket, manual release.
97777 FBH-4 Float-free Bracket, automatic release, with heating.
Includes hydrostatic release mechanism and thermostat in junction box.
97821 Hydrostatic release mechanism for FB-4 and FBH-4.
Tron 45S/45SX
For Tron 45SX
97801 Bracket, manual release
97802 Container
For Tron 45S
97798 Container
97797 Bracket for use with container 97798
98876 Protective neoprene sock
82224 Bulkhead bracket, manual release
82226 MB-45 Protective cover, wall mount version
82228 Plastimo 1” clamps for rail installation of MB-45
82255 Quick release unit for MB-45
82370 Safety grab bag

Jotron EPIRB Accessories


EPIRB Test Kit - Tron UNIDEC - 406 MHz

Jotron first introduced its Cospas Sarsat EPIRB Tester in the late 1980's. It is designed to receive and decode all types of COSPAS and SARSAT beacon signals within the frequency range of 406.00 - 406.100 MHz.
Complies and exceeds IMO's MSC/Circ.1040: Annual Testing of 406 MHz Satellite EPIRB, as required by SOLAS regulation IV/15.9.

Tron UNIDEC data can be transferred the decoder to a PC for further processing. The decoded data, as well as the beacon's transmission measurements are contained and used when generating a compliance certificate.

Calibration every 2 years is recommended maintenance. Exchange units are available.



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