For some years now, Jotron has taken the lead as a world class manufacturer of SART (Search And Rescue Transponders) equipment.

The Tron SART is designed to give precise position of a lifeboat or individual in distress. It helps the search and rescue operation by showing the position on the display screens of the X-band radars of nearby ships, search and rescue vessels and aircraft.

After years of product development and standardization working with international organizations, the Tron AIS SART was adopted, as from January 1st 2010, into GMDSS regulations as an alternative to Radar-SART.

Tron AIS SART has several unique and innovative features, which combine size and technical capability. The Tron AIS SART housing is the same as Jotron´s Radar-SART (Tron SART20), which has a height of 25.1 cms and weighs only 450g.

The Tron AIS SART is designed with following principals: the unit is assigned a unique Id. and gets its positioning using an internal GPS antenna. The received data is transmitted, using international AIS (AIS a & AIS B) channels via maritime VHF band.

AIS SART Tron SART GMDSS - 9 GHz Radar Transponder - Brochure Download...
Tron SART 20

Tron SART 20 - Radar Transponder - Brochure Downoad...

Tron Sart Accessories

Following brackets are available for Tron AIS-SART and Tron SART20
82746 Wall bracket is included with main unit
84065 Lifeboat bracket
82900 Pole Bracket

Jotron AIS SART Brackets



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