Visionmaster FT Radar Series

This is the latest advance in navigational technology from Sperry Marine and is designed to let you Sea It Your Way.

The Visionmaster series of products includes:

ARPA Radar. Sperry Marine's unique performance gives you such enhancements as ClearVision, target correlation and clutter suppression and is type approved for high speed vessels as well as standard ships.

Chart Radar integrates chart and radar displays, improving and enhancing watchkeeping and safety.

ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display) not only gives all the necessary information and systems to meet the requirements of the IMO but also delivers some of the most advanced facilities for chart management and voyage planning

TotalWatch gives the navigator a multifunctional workstation so that any Visionmaster unit can function as a Watch Mode. Improved navigational performance, increased safety and reduced man-hours are achieved by having everything available at a single workstation.

VisionMaster-based Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) are available to meet certification requirements of all major international organisations, standards and notations.

Visionmaster FT

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