Transas Navi-Sailor 4000 Multifunction ECDIS Display

Transas' Multifunction ECDIS Display provides a flexible solution giving the navigator an easy and convenient task-oriented environment.

Each workstation (WS) can be set up with a standard range of applications, such as ECDIS, Chart Assistant utility, Radar and Conning as well as SPOS weather module. It gives the navigator the facility to switch easily between applications and run simultaneously is one of the main features of the multifunction display.

Easy Operation, Safe Navigation
The Navi-Sailor 4000 Multifunction ECDIS Display supplies all the information needed, making data easily accessible through an intuitive menu system.

Information System and Decision Support
Data is presented in a continual flow, displaying vital navigational information and objects.

Customisation Offers Choice
Practical options offer a range of customisation choices, which include multiple modes of operation and up to as many as 7 formats.

Sensor Integration
All available on board navigational sensors and data systems can be connected, including: two positioning systems, gyro, log, two ARPAs, AIS, echo sounder, autopilot, navtex and more.

Forecasting and Planning
Powerful tools for passage planning, weather routing and calculation, as well as environmental tide and current databases are included.

Weather forecasting is integrated in the Navi-Sailor 4000, as is the option for SPOS weather and passage planning tool.

Cost Savings
ECDIS is proven to provide significant cost savings for shipping companies, helping to reduce operational costs with improved route planning, better fuel consumption, fewer groundings, and just-in-time arrival/departures.

Core Integration benefits

  • Navigator friendly environment for One Man Bridge operation
  • Reduces workload and stress
  • Clear, consistent man-machine interface
  • Intuitive, easy and convenient operation
  • Enhanced integration of navigational data
  • System redundancy - all functions of ECDIS, with Radar and Conning available on all onboard MFD's
  • Palette synch in all 3 software applications
  • Double network and sensor redundancy ensures data integrity and reliable network configuration
  • Efficient and intelligent alarm management
  • Simultaneous Route monitoring in ECDIS, Radar & Conning
  • Changeover from ECDIS Master Station status to any MFD station
  • Simultaneous network operation of two Radar Integrator Board (RIB-2) cards is possible, one for each workstation
  • Radar picture distribution from all available radars within the MFD network
    Synchronization, at all workstations, of chart correction, route and user database as well as applications.
  • Online chart orders, corrections and weather forecasting via the ship's communications station, using CISCO firewall protection.


Navi-Sailor ECDIS Displays

Navi-Sailor ECDIS
Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS has evolved, from the first type approved ECDIS in 1999, to provide one of the most advanced and easiest systems to operate. It is designed and developed to meet the demands and needs of professional navigators and shipping companies worldwide.

Navi-Sailor Radar Display

Transas Chart Radar has a number of additional functions on top of its capability of displaying radar images. It is compliant with the IMO and IEC standards and performs all Radar and ARPA functions, underlaying charts and AIS target images.

Navi-Sailor Conning Display

The Navi-Conning simplifies the watch officers work significantly by providing valuable, up to date information on the operation of the ship's systems.

The system also makes tailor-made screen layouts possible, giving the user developed parameter indicators, which are not included in the base screen views. For example, specially developed screen views to NAUT-OSV Standard and DNV, which reduce the risk of human error. Navigational sensors' and manoeuvering information are also provided by the system.


Transas 4000 Series ECDIS Display Systems
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