Electronic Chart Management System

Navmaster Office is an electronic chart system designed for managers who need to
work with navigation charts.

It can fully replace paper charts for incident analysis, voyage risk assessment, passage planning, survey and port assessment, emergency response, moorings management and other such tasks. The system is easy to install, it can be run on standard PCs, networks and laptops, and it gives managers a full range of chartwork tools with which to carry out a wide variety of assignments. The software operates with both vector and raster electronic charts.

Navmaster Office enables managers to:

  • create and amend routes

  • respond quickly to emergencies

  • monitor developing situations

  • analyse incidentsReconstruct vessels’ tracks

  • produce assessments and reports

Main Functions:

  • Instant access to worldwide charts

  • Annotation and drawing on charts

  • Vessel track analysis

  • Route-planning

  • Import/export of routes & waypoints

Optional Extra Functions:

  • TotalTide integration for worldwide tidal height & stream

  • Tidal atlas display (UK continental shelf)

  • Voyage replay from data logged onboard by Navmaster ECS or ECDIS


Navmaster Office displays the position of a grounded vessel on an overscaled ENC chart in the lower chart window, with an aerial photo of the same vessel in the top window.


A reconstruction of the collision between Wintertide and MSC Sabrina (taken from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch report).

Navmaster ECDIS...

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