FLIR HM-Series of Handheld, Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras

The H-Series of portable thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide exceptional clarity for security professionals operating, allowing them to see through, light foliage, smoke and total darkness.

The handheld HM Series are shock-resistant, portable and provide a crisp image in the darkest conditions.

These are ideal for foot patrol surveillance of industrial sites, warehousing and ships as well as customs, border control and law enforcement; wherever there is a need to see in total darkness.

High quality, affordable, low cost option

All cameras use advanced internal camera software, automatically delivering crisp images, without the need for adjustment.
HM-224 - 240x180 pixels
HM-324 & HM-307 - 320 x 240 pixels

The HM-224 and HM-324 offers an exceptional combination of performance and situation awareness with a 24º field of view. Longer range can be achieved with the application of a x2 extender, offering 12º field of view. For longer distance viewing the HM-307 has a 7º field of view.

Easy to carry compact, light weight systems ideal for almost all circumstances.

Easy to use and fully controlled from only 5 backlit buttons, which are conveniently positioned on the top of the unit.

A Hot-show is supplied as standard with each model, which can be mounted on the camera and enables it to be mounted on a tripod. The hot-shoe also includes a power in and out video connection so the unit can be charged whilst sitting on the tripod.

The HM-Series comes complete with and operate on x4 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, which provide up to 5 hours of operating time. They also work on standard non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium Ion AA batteries.

There are 6 version in the HM series of thermal image cameras available with the choice of 240 x 180 pixels and for more detailed thermal images versions with 320 x 240 pixels.

XP+ Version include several additional useful options, including:

Image Storage
Storge of jpg images on a removable SD Card. 1GB Store sup to 20,000 Images

Video Storage
The HM-324 XP+ records full frame rate mpeg4 video and can record more than 2 hours onto
a 1 GB SD Card

USB 2 Interface
Tranbsfer and save images to a laptop or PC

Digital Zoom
x2 Digital zoom gives close-up view when required


Flir HM SAeries Portabla thermal cameras

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Affordable thermal night vision ideal for night time surveillance and security.


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