XpressLink – How much can satellite communications improve your business operations?

Satellite communications account for as little as 0.3% of a ship's operating costs and yet its affect on the other 99.7% of costs is significant.

Inmarsat's study of over 6,000 vessels has shown just how important fast data exchange has become and how it is changing and improving how ships are managed.

The research also shows increasing demand for satellite broadband and the future will see even more demand, as remote monitoring and immediate access to vital information becomes available online.

Inmarsat's findings highlighted the most important factor for ships owners and operators as being business efficiency, operating cost reductions and crew recruitment and retention. Those findings also show the potential for as much as 10% savings on operating costs, with a clear return on investment.

XpressLink is available now to meet that demand and to help owners and operators to gain and maintain a competitive edge. It is also the future of Satellite Broadband as Inmarsat is to replace XpressLink with Global Xpress by the end of 2014. Current XpressLink users and those installing now will be transferred, at no extra cost, to the Global Xpress network as it comes on line.

Global Xpress will be faster and offer an even broader range of benefits of XpressLink's combination of VSAT and high speed broadband. On a fixed monthly fee it provides a powerful solution, managed end-to-end by Inmarsat and delivers exceptional quality and seamless global coverage.

VSAT & Fleetbroadband Integration

VSAT is integrated with Inmarsat's industry leading Fleetbroadband service, giving ships increased performance and greater flexibility.

Unlimited data, with speeds of up to 768kps and a CIR (Committed InformationRate) of 192kbps are provided via Inmarsat's always-on data network.

High-speed Broadband always-available IP data
And high-speed broadband access always-available IP data delivers at up to 768kbps, with a committed information rate (CIR) of 192kbps.

Double-bandwidth in 2014

XpressLink users will get double-bandwidth with, rates of up to 50Mbps, when Global Xpress becomes available later in 2014

High Quality Voice

Clear, quality calls to mobile and terrestrial telephone networks and other satellite terminals, with voicemail as well as enhanced management options including caller id, caller barring and call forwarding make Xpresslink a efficient ship management tool.

Fully Integrated solution

Ku-band and L-band provide a fully integrated solution with VSAT and FleetBroadband terminals (FB500 or FB250)*. This combination offers unlimited data for a fixed monthly fee, including FleetBroadband data usage.


VSAT and FleetBroadband operate on separate networks, making XpressLink a fully redundant and resilient service

Easy Upgrade to Global Xpress

When Global Xpress becomes available in later in 2014 XpressLink provides an easy upgrade.

XpressLink packages include a free VSAT Terminal upgrade; Ku-Band to Ka-Band, with double bandwidth speeds at the same fixed price.

Seamless mobility

The Xpresslink packages include the XpressLink G5 unit, an intelligent below-decks control system, which automatically controls the switch between Ku-band and L-band to select the optimum Ku-band coverage 

The system also automatically manages and delivers updates to the onboard satellite equipment.

Invoice management

The system also includes a secure customer portal, which allows ship managers to track and manage voice usage and billing, as well as comparing invoices across fleet operations.

Vessel tracker

Using Google Earth maps, the system maintains continuous tracking of the ship. This vessel-tracking interface gives real-time information of ships anywhere in the world. It minimises inaccuracies and reduces manual reporting and thereby increases the ship's operational efficiency.

Crew calling

Crew calling is provided either as a post-paid or pre-paid service. Pre-paid cards or codes allow the crew to make low-cost calls. The cards or codes can be ordered and allocated via a secure customer portal.

Global support

Global support is available 24/7, with a worldwide maintenance network available in key ports.

Maintenance requests and upgrades are easily made by submission of request forms on the secure portal on board or ashore.

General Apps

    • Antivirus
    • Bandwidth reports
    • Black/white listing
    • Category and application filtering
    • Crew services
    • Data history reporting
    • Firewall
    • Invoice management
    • Maintenance and product upgrades orders
    • Order management
    • Threat management
    • Vessel tracker
    • Web reputation


* Monthly rental of the VSAT terminal included in the XpressLink package. Option to utilise previously purchased FleetBroadband terminals available, subject to approval.



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