Iridium Burst. The very first one-to-many global
data broadcast service

Iridium Burst

With a pricing structure that will not break the bank Iridium Burst offers the possibility of delivering data to multiple enabled devices worldwide. 

No matter whether you want to broadcast data to tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions Iridium's Burst service delivers data to unlimited numbers of enabled devices, targeted geographically, including towns and cities, states and regions, at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives.

Iridium is a powerful satellite transmission network, which delivers data unobstructed by buildings, partial obstructions or even severe weather.
And it delivers it in near real-time. Highly actionable, immediate, customer-specific information is often delivered within less than 20 seconds.

Enabled devices can be configured to work in stealth mode. This receive-only feature is highly valued for some specialist applications.

Customer-defined closed user groups can also provide secure communications to specifically to authorised devices only.

Iridium Burst service receivers are small, light and robust technology, meeting a wide range of environmental standards.

Iridium will deliver an Iridium 9602-based Iridium Burst enabled device when the service is launched and will be followed by an Iridium 9603-based device within 12 months.

Iridium Burst will transmit data in any desired format and has the ability to transmit a single message to thousands of enabled devices. It makes message delivery management simple and straightforward, particularly to locations with a high density of enabled devices.

The Iridium Burst service is available anywhere on Earth and enables you to communicate in an entirely new way and on entirely new scales.

How the Iridium Burst sends the message:

1. Sender, machine or individual, formats the transmission and specifies the recipients by group and location(s) and any other required information.
2. Iridium Burst Service receives the transmission data and validates its format, scheduling the transmission(s) before sending the data to the Iridium gateway.
3. Iridium gateway receives the transmission request and the message is sent to the appropriate satellite(s).
4. On receipt of the transmission the Iridium satellite network relays the data to the satellite beam(s).

How it works…

1. All messages are received by every Iridium Burst-enabled devices in the targeted geographic area.
2. Only authorised devices belonging to the specified recipient group can unscramble the transmission.
3. The field application pulls the data from the Iridium Burst-enabled device.

Iridium Burst applications include:
• Government agencies: Public safety and emergency response organisations can provide timely and reliable alerts for national disaster and weather warnings, terrorism and security alerts and updates, and Amber or Silver alerts.

• Private Networks: Corporations and other private entities wishing to broadcast specific information to a lot of their assets. For example, advertisers updating electronic billboards; software updates, shipping and maritime companies dealing with logistics, fleet updates, and M2M devices.

• Command and control: M2M data and messaging sent to assets deployed in various locations. Military organisations that need to communicate in a timely, reliable and survivable manner to manage their troops and resources, such as ground troops in combat zones or supply vehicles in remote areas.

• Maritime Safety: Maritime agencies notifying rescue ships using Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) of ships in distress. Rather than having to contact each ship separately, all ships within the relevant area can be contacted simultaneously with one Iridium Burst transmission.



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