Rutter Radar-100S6

A Practical Approach to Speciality Radar Applications

Radar-100S6 applies proven Sigma S6 radar processing technology to add superior imagery and enhanced radar target detection for clearer situation analysis and decision making.

This provides a practical solution for speciality radar applications and is ideal for coastal surveillance, port security and vessel traffic systems, as well as small target detection and ice navigation.

It differs from more conventional radars in that it uses a unique combination of processing capabilities, which are layered together to generate a clearly superior radar image, reducing noise, clutter and target tracking

Flexibility for Optimal Performance

Remote access capability, using wired or wireless connections, make it possible for operators and technicians to view and manipulate images from different locations.

This provides for a truly flexible configuration, allowing the connection, via Ethernet, of multiple radar displays. These can be viewed by any radar display on the network.

Multiple Target Tracking

Sigma S6 allows the tracking of up to 1000 targets. It can detect and simultaneously track very small, slow moving and high speed targets. This is achieved by optimising plot extraction signal processing on separate channels to create uncompromised detection and tracking radar images.

AIS Overlay

AIS Overlay module option displays an AIS targets, with full AIS data, overlaid onto the radar image. Radar track and AIS target association provides a clearer operational picture

Advanced Image Recording

Sigma S6's optional radar recording facility provides for full-resolution recording capability, with a full dynamic range. Such digital recordings can be used to capture live incidents and help identify best practices for training and simulation exercises. Or they can be used for incident investigation analysis.

Radar Fusion

SeaBridge is an optional software module, which allows the fusion of radar data from multiple radars. This covers a 360º coverage to display an image for areas which may be otherwise blocked by other vessels or platforms.

Target tracking is calculated from the fused image and is available and visible, via the network, to any 100S6 radar display station.

The Sigma S6 provides superior technology and
flexibility and meets customer needs in the most
challenging situations. The Sigma S6 is increasingly the choice for marine monitoring needs.

Rutter's Radar-100S6 provides superior radar imagery and precision target detection, improving situational analysis and decision making.

As the practical solution to specialty radar applications, the Radar-100S6 has a unique mix of processing capabilities layered together to provide superior imagery, noise and clutter reduction and target tracking.


  • Pulse to pulse processing for superior noise reduction
  • Unique scan average processing
  • Fast, easy installation and commissioning of proven technology
  • Flexible interswitching
  • Comprehensive range of on-screen features and radar tools

Rutter 100S6 Speciality Radar Systems

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