Ice Navigator

Navigate your route responsibly and safely through the world's most environmentally sensitive and dangerous waters

Global warming and environmental change have opened up new shipping routes and depleted resources have made it economical for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic.

This combination of events has made regulatory authorities and agencies scrutinise maritime safety and environmental issues more closely.

Sigma S6 Ice Navigator works with a wide range of suitable maritime radar systems, interfacing to provide an exceptional solution for navigating through ice.

Sigma 100S6, the complete radar installation, provides a system which can detect and display ice field ridges, berry bits and growlers, as well as give early warning of approaching icebergs.

Rutter also offer the facility to integrate Ice Navigator with a Xenon Searchlight and compensated IR Camera. This converts a single station into an integrated Multi Station Ice Management System and suitable for both pile and gas platforms as well as ships.

The Sigma S6 Ice Navigator Radar System can also be integrated with its Sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection (OSD) and Small Target Systems to create a complete solution to meet demanding operational requirements.

SIGMA S6 - Specification


  • Marine certified 19" 3U rack/bulkhead mount computer
  • 4 x RS-422, 2 x RS-232, 4 x USB, 1 x LAN, 60 GB HD,
  • 115-230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Marine certified 19" or 23" TFT display, keyboard/trackball
  • Sigma RSi Interface Card
  • Sigma S6 SeaScan Radar Server Processing Module
  • Sigma S6 SeaTrack Target Tracker
  • Sigma S6 SeaView Radar Display and Remote Display Client
  • Recommended Source Radar Requirements for
    optimum performance against small targets:
  • X-Band, 25 kW with 3000 Hz Pulse Repetition Frequency
  • 1° Antenna Beam Width, >40 RPM Antenna Rotation Speed
  • Radar Interface
  • Raw Video
  • Trigger
  • Heading (ARP)
  • Antenna Rotation (ACP)
  • CVD interface can be supplied for composite radar
    video and other unique radar types
  • Data Input Interfaces (NMEA RS-422)
  • GPS for Position and Time
  • Gyro Compass w/10 Hz update rate
  • AIS
  • Anemometer
  • Depth Sounder
  • Data Output Interface (NMEA RS-422)
  • TTM (Tracked Target Message), or
  • RSD (Radar System Data / cursor), as selected by operator


Rutter Sigma S6 Radar - Ice Navigator

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