SIGMA S6 Radar Processor

Superior target detection and tracking capabilities make Sigma S6 processor ideal for many different applications.

Attention to safety, security and risk management has taken on greater importance in recent years. Higher performance radar surveillance equipment has become essential for ship owners and operators.

Rutter meets that demand with its Sigma S6 Processor. Sigma S6 offers offers a cost-effective technique for creating high-resolution radar images, detecting and tracking far more targets, reliably from greater distances than ever before.

It gives operators information more quickly and efficiently so they can make more informed decisions faster. Such capability means far fewer incidents and reduced daily operating costs

At the heart of Rutter's enhanced radar capability is its proprietary radar image technology and processor, which is a Windows based software and hardware product. This multi-layered processes technology distributes radar images and tracking data, stripping out weather and other forms of clutter, which limit and constrain conventional radar systems. Sigma S6 also gives radar the ability to track very small and multiple objects moving at different speeds.

This multiple tracking capability and its superior detection make it ideal for so many different applications

Capabilities & Key Features

  • Flexibility delivers optimal performance
  • Accepts inputs from virtually any conventional radar
  • Utilises an API library to easily accommodate thirdparty applications
  • Designed for operation over wired, wireless or microwave links
  • Provides bit-depth reduction and no-loss compression algorithms for streamlining data transmissions over low bandwidth connections
  • Provides remote access and enables radar images to be viewed and manipulated by operators and technicians at different locations
  • Provides capability to connect multiple radars to multiple displays
  • Provides ability to combine sectors from multiple radars into one display
  • Designed, built and manufactured by Rutter provides the ability for the system to be modified for unique applications

Multiple Target Tracking
With a tracking capability of up to 1000 targets, the Sigma S6 Tracker dual-track mode can simultaneously
detect and track very small, slow-speed targets and high-speed targets. This is achieved by optimizing plot extraction signal processing on separate channels, thereby providing uncompromised target detection and tracking.

Unique Processing Capabilities

  • The Pulse-to-Pulse Processor offers superior noise
    reduction and tracking accuracy
  • Its Scan Average Processor is optimized for enhanced
    detection of very small, slow-moving targets. It
    averages up to 64 consecutive radar scans for
    unsurpassed image definition. The processor also
    enables generation of a high-resolution Clutter Map
    used for removal of static targets for improved
    detection in all weather conditions
  • Its Ordered Statistic CFAR Processor is a range-dependent clutter removal tool that removes an additional layer of weather clutter from the radar screen
  • The STC control is a range and sensitivity-adjustable
    gain control for enhanced detection of near range
    targets in high clutter

Advanced Radar Recording
The optional Sigma S6 radar recording system is available to provide full dynamic range and full-resolution recording capability. Sigma S6's digital recorder captures live radar feeds, which may be used to record incidents and isolate best practices for training and simulation exercises and can be used for incident investigation analysis. The analog output module can regenerate full-resolution video data for playback on existing equipment. The option for recording synchronised audio is also available.

As Sigma S6 Processor provides superior technology and flexibility in the most challenging situations, it is the logical choice for an increasing range of monitoring needs.


  • Radar Inputs
  • Radar Transceiver
    - Supports remote serial protocols
  • Analog Radar Video Input
    - Single-ended or Differential
    - 1 to 10 Volts, positive or negative
    - Default termination 2K or 75 Ohms
    - 30ns minimum pulse width
  • Analog Radar Trigger
    - Single-ended
    - 200 Hz to 16 kHz PRF
    - 1 to 25 Volts, positive or negative
    - Default termination 9.4K or 75 Ohms
    - Trigger Delay 0 to 7.2 micro-seconds
  • Analog Radar Azimuth Change/Reference Pulse (ACP/ARP)
    - Single-ended or Differential
    - 1 to 35 Volts, positive or negative
    - 90 to 16384 ACP count per revolution
    - Default termination 4.7K, 75 or 500 Ohms
  • Three-Phase Synchro (optional)
    - 115, 26, 11.8, 2 VRMS
    - 50, 60, 400 Hz
  • Digital Azimuth (TTL)
  • Gyro Interface
    - Interfaces to NMEA data from ship's gyro for north-up
    or head-up display
  • GPS
    - Accepts standard NMEA data strings for
    mobile installations
    - GPS position stored with every quadrant
    Interface Hardware
  • RSi-4000RT
    - Interfaces directly to most radars
    - Provides high-resolution digital video and synchronisation signals to Sigma S6 A/D subsystem
    - Programmable gain and offset for video
    - Full-length 5V PCI Card
    - Bus Master data transfer
  • CVD (optional)
    - Interfaces to composite video radars such as the
    Raytheon MK1.5/MK2 Radar Transceiver
    - Provides video, trigger and remote RS-232 interface to the Sigma S6 Server
    - Decodes various non-standard signals
    - Half-length Universal 3.3V & 5V PCI Card
  • Inputs:
    - Composite video: BNC connector, 50/75 Ohm
    - Serial uplink: RS-422 using DB9 female connector

Rutter Sigma S6 Processor

Superior target detection images


Conventional Radar Conventional radar image of vessel navigating through ice
Sigma S6 Ice Navigation ScanSigma S6 Ice Navigation image of vessel navigating through ice
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