Rutter Technologies - Maritime Security, Safety
and Environmental Protection


Superior Radar Imagery, Target Detection and Tracking

Rutter, based in Newfoundland Canada, was formed in 1998 and has quickly become a leading developer and manufacturer of some of the most advanced marine radar technologies available.

Its core technology, Sigma S6 Radar, puts its radar processing and software at the forefront of noise and clutter reduction techniques.

Sigma S6 is designed for integration into a wide range of existing radar systems and provides programme interfaces and output for data integration systems.

multi-layered processing technique to eliminate clutter for greater clarity than that of conventional radars. It does so by enhancing the outline of objects and gives a significantly sharper, differentiated image between them in a clearer visual context.

This means smaller objects can be identified and pinpointed from greater distances and simultaneous tracking becomes possible of multiple objects moving at different speeds.

More precise decision making and enhanced security and safety are achieved in some of the most difficult and challenging situations, such as navigation in ice, ramp or traffic management, as well as a wide range of other applications.

Ice Navigator

Oil Spoill Detection
Small Radar Target Detection
Radar Surveillance
Sigma 100S6
Sigma S6 Radar Processor


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