Counter piracy communications

Iridium Counter Piracy Communications

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Iridium 9555 Handheld Satellite Phone

Pots Dock
Dual Mode Covert Maritime Antenna
Custom Antenna Enclosure
Privacy Handset
12m Iridium Antenna Cable
12m GPS Antenna Cable
10-32V DC Leads
110-240V AC Plug Pack
Alert Button
50m Alert Wire
UPS Battery Back-up

Inmarsat Counter Piracy Communications

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Inmarsat – ISAT Phone Pro Handheld Satellite Phone

Inmarsat Kit

Inmarsat ISAT Marine Dock
Marine Active antenna
Beam custom antenna enclosure
18m Inmarsat antenna cable
18m GPS antenna cable
10-32V DC leads
110-240V AV plug pack
Alert Button (1)
50m Alert wire
UPS Battery back up

Crisis communications in such a situation as piracy become vital life line. But the ship's main communications may become inaccessible from a citadel or other location on board and your attackers can easily cut any of your main communications systems on the bridge.

Part of your piracy protection plan may therefore include a back-up, dedicated satellite communications alternative.

Telemar's anti piracy communications packages offer a method of maintaining voice and data links, using covert dedicated satellite phone.

The phone can be kept in a locked cupboard, in a hidden location and in a place best suited for your counter piracy strategy. It operates completely separate and covertly from your main communications systems and has its own power supply. It is also linked to an ordinary phone and alarm button discretely located within the ship.

Different ships and companies have different policies and strategies for the piracy threat. We understand and have developed various ways to help companies deal with the theat.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you increase the safety of both ship and crew


Telemar packages include:

Voice calling - supports standard corded or cordless phones, with runs up to 600m to 1800m using multiple handsets, if required.

Tracking - built-in GPS enables tracking and monitoring, using a compact, covert GPS antenna, which is separate from the vessel's standard GPS antenna.

Emergency Alert - Panic/Duress buttons on the unit or installed in various locations to trigger an emergency alert.

Its a package which gives you a complete bundled solution, which can activate immediate contact and messaging to say the vessel is under threat. It means the ship's crew can make and receive calls from a safe-room, or citadel, at any time. Tracking information and alert messages can be sent by SMS or short burst data, or both. (Note that a separate tracking subscription may be required.)

  • Periodic position reporting - preset during terminal configuration
  • Alerts are activated by the Alert button on the phone cradle or by connected alert buttons
  • Current location position can be sent at any time by simply pressing a button on the front of the unit
  • Alert messages can easily be activated from the unit or an additional button on the front of the unit. Once configure the alarm system is always and will, when triggered, send the alert message to the preset destination.
  • The battery back-up, included in the package, lasts up to 20 hours on standby and 10 hours of talk time.























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